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    continued education

    I am a military vet using my GI Bill to begin a career in HVAC/R I have completed the HVAC class for an associates and I am EPA certified Universal I also got a second associates in Basic electricity. My question is I want to use the rest of my GI Bill benefits but I wanted to know is there any classes or courses in the HVAC field that I could take that would help me advance in my knowledge?

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    Have you looked into joining your local Reece chapter or the service round table? Of course your GI bill woun't cover that, you might be able to take some night classes at work at getting your associats. However you will be taking boring classes like english composistion, public speaking, and math classes, but you would have a degree.

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    Of all of my college classes, English composition, turned out to be the most important one. College calculus was # 2, because I learned that I could read and learn on my own, without a teacher. I passed these skills on to all 3 of my grown children.
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    Thank you both but I mean is there something i could take related to the field?

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    to many things to learn an know, you would do better to get into the field then see where the vacuum is in the company you work for and if your interested then educate and fill that vacuum. if you like chillers then you have to do the learn enough in the field to be able to go to a factory chiller class and understand what they are talking about, or repairs etc etc on an on.. most everything is a learn OJT first because there is no just take a class and understand it and apply what you learn, lots of hard knocks have to learn enough on your own to kind of know what you don't know, you already have the basics, build on what you have, then you will learn what you need to do.. computers and programming are a good thing to learn no matter what you get into, its not going away I use a computer at work every day for either controls or paperwork or research. So if you are looking at losing your GI bill if you don't use it right away then I think that computer/programming classes would be a good thing to learn, even tho its not trade specific it would be a very good tool to have in your tool bag.

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    Networking/IT basics couldn't hurt...
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    Quote Originally Posted by papahart View Post
    Thank you both but I mean is there something i could take related to the field?
    i think lynns post would probably be more valuable than you
    realize. the eng. comp.for good communication skills & the
    calc. is a great help in virtually any of the math we need to be ablt to do on a daily basis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ControlsInMT View Post
    Networking/IT basics couldn't hurt...
    x2, get it while you can and let it work for you

    slide over to the controls forum and see what they think
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