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    Discussion in office with 2 trane reps saying two diff things. One says I need the tayplus dual fuel control with the tcont803 and another says the tcont803 will act as the dual fuel control. Equipment is XL14i and XV80.

    What experiance do you have to offer as to which is the better way to go. TCONT80 controling the dual fuel or the payplus trane control to control it?

    Please control the smartA** comments if you are able. I am trying to get reasons to control one way or the other.

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    You dont need anything looks like you have a gas furnace and a condensor looks like to me you need an installer.

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    the 803 will work if the set point is set @ 40 or 45....keeps defrosts to a minimum.

    803-----same as Honeywell 8320{1}

    if in doubt put plenum switch in.

    supposed to be new 803 coming to make it idiot proof
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    If you want or need the "UL" certification and using the tcont803 then use the tayplus103.
    If your not then I'd use tcont803 to control it, Just make sure you program it right.
    Or like dandyme posted tcont is made by honeywell, If you use the honeywell stat it is UL certified.
    IMO no need for tayplus.

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    The Tcont803 with an outdoor temperature sensor will control a dual fuel system just fine.

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