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    So far I love my new Amana RTG60 Ultron heat pump. It has a VS air handler and has a two-stage condensor unit. My question: I have a White Rodgers 7 day programmable Tstat that has the default setting for anticipation rate (the rate for heating and cooling fluctuations in temp are very low). The anticipation rate for heating and cooling go from 0 - 40. I would like for my unit to run much longer between cycles. My wife and I are fine with much larger swings in temp (actually, even the highest rates only let the temp swing about 1.3 degrees).

    I have studied the Tstat enough to know how to change the anticipation rate. My thoughts were to put both heat and cooling on 30 rate (remember the range is from 0 - 40). The default is I think 13 heat and 8 air or perhaps the other way around.

    Would this be a good idea? What are advantages and/or disadvantages of making the anticipation rate (timing of temp swings higher). Even though the unit is very quiet the air handler is in a big closet that is close to where we watch TV at night. I don't like it coming on and off quite as much as it is currently doing.

    Advice appreciated.

    J. D.

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    I all boils down to what you are comfortable with. Personally I do not like programmable thermostats. I have one because U had to get one to get the other options I wanted but I am not using it in a programmed mode.

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