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    What I am looking for is a commercial business partner
    to share the advertising costs, and be a working partner for commercial food service equipment company,
    If you are seriously interested leave a message to contact you by email! you must carry your own service vehicle and tools, and share the profits, if youre a tech and have these traits or interests, leave a message!
    If youre not interested dont reply please. or Reply
    dot com

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    why dont you come to chicago?

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    Hmm That's always an option to consider!

    what company?
    Have u heard of U.S. Refrigeration Inc.,?
    they're in Chicago area?
    What are they like to work for?
    the pay is good there is what i hear!
    I heard its cold and wind , though!
    This is going to get interesting, soon here in the big LV.
    Thanks, But Chicago is on the otherside of the world,
    And Im ready to make the money for myself , instead of kill myself for greedy contractors,
    I love Headaches , and high overhead, it goes with the trade no matter what side a guy works on,
    who knows maybe I can have some fun doing it
    and wont have nobody to blame, but myself?
    enough of that for now!
    gotta fix something :/

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