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    Removal of OLD PTAC unit

    I need to remove an old unit. I was told that this unit is attached to a steam pipe. I'm not sure if condensate line in attached to the return on the steam. Any advice would be helpful.

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    I would say probably not. the condensate side of the steam system even after the steam trap could still be pressurized.

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    aside from any pressure/ safty concerns

    The steam coil is most likely has a trap on the condensate side, you should leave the trap and connect the steam supply to the trap. Sound like you should be able to just cap both lines, right? well unless you take a good look at the system there is a chance that the capped supply might begin to accumulate condensate with no where to go. so unless you really know it won't Connect the dots/ pipes

    I think you can guess why I know this is possible
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