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    Quote Originally Posted by mgenius33 View Post
    Haven't we all done this once......once....

    Not to steal Joe Piscopo's line in Johnny Dangerously...
    Especially when you decide.. why not blow off your face with the nitrogen real quick and open the valve a little more Yeah the heat really got the best of me that day lol
    "I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means. I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it."
    Benjamin Franklin, 1766

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rcb2875 View Post
    LOL If I told someone that I was going to leave their system pressurized over night I might not get to come back or want to, the next day! Been hot as hell here

    One thing I have learned is that there are just about as many opinions of how to do something as there are techs.

    The very first guy that was trying to teach me how to do things ended up showing me so many bad habits that I never realized until I started being on my own and having to research everything for myself... now that was a wake up call
    Too true. All the technical literature I read taught me to braze with nitrogen and then evacuate to at least 500 microns. The manufacturers of most pumps and gauge sets say the bigger the hoses and the less stuff in the lines i.e valve cores and valves and what not , the faster and more effective the evacuation. But all techs know about time constraints and the other factors that make exactly by the book impossible sometimes . The point about using a gauge set so one can just go ahead and weigh in the charge was a good offering of info as well

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    Nice experiment, I always wanted to try that but didn't have enough pipe and fittings around to do a good test. Thanks.

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    We all have our methods.
    Mine is 60# and 180# psi to test.
    I assume since there were no leaks before i worked on it, the leaks will be in my brazing/connections, so I do around 60# first to check with soap for bigger leaks then 180# and soap it up for 15 minutes. I do not depend on a fall of pressure to leak test unless it's overnight. A tiny pinhole leak may not show in such a short time on a gauge.
    When in doubt, I use the H10.

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