ever sign a customer to a maint. contact and wish you had'nt?
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    ever sign a customer to a maint. contact and wish you had'nt?

    sure you have.
    I'm starting to wonder if we need an HVAC database of "terrible" customers. like ones that don't pay or ones that demand all your time and attention and have unreasonable expectations or just plain horrible manners ?

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    My contract states that either side can terminate the agreement at any time. It makes both sides more comfortable.

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    What I cant stand are the ones that dont want to make any repairs. Then when it breaks down, they claim you did something to their system.

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    Thats why i think alot of places instead of signing contracts now are just placing stickers or magnets on the appliance so when it does kick they are like hey ill call so and so. Also that way you can turn down the customers you know always give you a hard time.

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    Just renewed with a long time commercial client.

    3 days later they changed the complete management team, from property admin tyo the parking attendant.

    Sent the owners the 30 day cancellation notice this afternoon , not worth the aggrivation and belittlement .

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