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    Thanks a million for your reply. I was hoping an electrician would answer.

    I am not going to do anything about it. We just bought the house (6 year old house) and we are strapped for cash right now.

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    Try checking to see if all your lights that are dimming are on the same Buss as the A/C breaker, if so, try switching the A/C breaker to the otherside, it may help.

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    I would venture to say that your electrical panel is not balanced out. More of a load on one leg than the other,I balanced a church who had the same problem with 2, 10 ton units; either unit would start and the lights would dim. Took amp readings on both legs under occupied conditions and moved breakers to even the load on both legs and it cured the problem.

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    Originally posted by bornriding
    I am an electrician and I will tell you not to worry about it. Mine has been doing it for over ten years. You probably have a long run of wiring to the outdoor unit ( from the panelbox ) and you are getting a small voltage loss during compressor start-up. The only way I know of to be sure to eliminate it is to run larger wire from panelbox to outdoor unit.
    Without taking measurements everything is a (WA)GUESS. What happens if the voltage drop IS excessive in this particular customer’s home?

    It would be wise to have it checked!

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    This is some info from Trane.... I am going to attempt to bring it back to life via memory.

    Assuming all connections are tight and all parts are in working order.....

    1. Check line voltage incoming to the contactor with outdoor unit off. Then check it with outdoor unit running. 0 - 10 volage drop is acceptable. If greater than 10 the wire from the breaker panel to the equipment is too small.

    2. Check voltage at the nearest 115v outlet with equipment off. Then force a lock rotor condition for a few seconds on compressor by pulling start wire and trying to start compressr. Multiply the voltage drop at the 115v outlet by 2. If more than 18 volts there is a problem with the transformer on the pole or the wiring from the transformer to the house.

    To make a long story short ....... you are either having a voltage drop in the entire house or a voltage drop isolated to the outdoor unit. If both are ok then the problem is not wiring and you need a start kit.

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    Excellent reply Steve!
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