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    I live where it is about 36 degrees during the day and 22 at night. I have closed my flue. Checked all my connections of the plumbing to the vents and they are connected. Doors and windows sealed properly. I have closed all my vents upstairs and blocked off the return upstairs. My downstairs is still quite cool and the upstais is still warm. Almost 8 degrees different! No matter what I do to the vents the downstairs is always noticeably cooler then up. The house has always been this way. The non-digital thermostat is 2 rooms away from the return downstairs. What do I do??!!


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    Hot air rises & cold air falls.

    Two systems is one option.

    A two zone control system is another.
    All my leon freaked out!

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    Open the return air up stairs.

    Go outside and run to the corner with your hand over your mouth,
    then run 2 blocks with your mouth open.

    I bet after 2 blocks your less winded,

    Your furnace will work less hard and give better air flow with ALL avialabile air
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    Without seeing your system I would say you have duct things for sure, you probably made your problem worse closing supplies and return.

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    I agree.. OPEN that return up so the system can breath.

    Also, my family room used to be cooler before the new furnace.. Old one was about 115,000 down to 60,000 on the new one... Old system was oversized, so it didn't run enough to even out the temp.

    now down stiaris is about 1 degree cooler than up stairs.

    So it could either be oversized equipement, or poor ductwork or lack of return.

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    THe warmer air will rise.

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    This is what my neighbour did some years ago in his house:
    Second floor of the house had open staircase and had no air return.
    Hot air rose and kept top floor too hot.
    He had a return duct installed on top floor and that solved his problem.
    In his present house, neighbour has gas forced air on main floor and electric baseboards on top floor and a return on top floor. Electric heat never comes ON and rising hot air keeps top floor warm.

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    Yep, hot air rises. I have tried to open all the vents and it just gets hotter upstairs. I have seen some smart homes with thermocouples in each room and automated vents with close and I deduced that closing off some of the vents might make an impact. It did help a little. My stair case is no open and is like a long hallway. So now I get a separate sysem?

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    How many furnaces do you have?

    maybe second floor heated by Furnace "B"
    And First Floor heated by Furnace "A" that does not work????


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