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    I just wanted to verify that a Trane furnace (in this case, a Trane XV90 vs an American Standard freedom 90 comfort R)are the same exact 2 stage, variable speed furnace short of name and cosmetics. Any difference I'm missing?

    I know Trane and American Standard are the same company. I was surprised, however, that if they're the same furnace, why the sales person told me the American Standard is a little cheaper?

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    At least around here in the DFW area of Texas, people are more familiar with the American Standard name on sinks, toilets and urinals than on HVAC equipment.
    Trane has a well known good reputation for HVAC equipment.

    It varies by region, but our local AS distribution is through an independant supply house, and leaves a lot to be desired.
    On the other hand, Trane has fantastic distribution and dealer support/training in the area.

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    The irony is that American Standard owns trane..
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    Every dealer pays something different so nobody can make a blanket statement that one is cheaper than the other. We pay less than many for our A-S just because we don't participate in trips and other incentives and because we pay our bills on time The huge chains in town get Trane dirt cheap due to volume.

    They are 100% identical. I pulled my furnace out of an A-S marked box but the label on the door said Trane.

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    Mark, in what ways is the Trane distribution better than the AS in the DFW area?
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