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    Hello All!

    I am trying to determine is American Standard and Trane are the same. The Trane dealer is telling me that they come off the same assembly line and just have differnt outside looks. Looking at the info that I have the inside parts of the XL19i and the Allegiance 18 they look alike. (the compressor picture is the same down to the light refelection).

    So, if they are the same why does Consumer Reports have differnt repair ratins for them (American Standard the lowest and Trane 3rd) and why does ACE ( list American Standard above Trane?


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    Yes they are the same...I dont know why they are rated differently, maybe their test procedures are flawed.

    Dave in NJ

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    Same equipment. Same manufactering line. Trane is owned by American Standard.
    Probably different ratings because of polling techiques. You know like at election time they can make anyone look like the bad guy by who they poll.

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    If you look alot of the brands in report were made by same company,yet one of the same parts came out better than the other.Carrier and Bryant same deal.A/S and Trane both GREAT,it comes down to install!!!!!!!!!!

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    A/S breaks down less because we're great installers (we sell A/S) lol

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    I like the top on the Trane units. It keep leaves and stuff out of the inside of the unit.
    There are situations where the straight up air discharge from the American Standard units is more desireable though. I had a situation where I needed straight up air discharge on a XL19i and Trane gave me the top and fan for an AS unit, lol.

    The Trane XL19i and American Standard Allegiance 18 are very similar, but The XL19i gets slightly higher SEER ratings, not by much though.
    I'm not positive, but I believe the XL19i is slightly quieter. I doubt it would be noticable though.

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