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    I got call, customer stated , no outdoor unit all inside of mobile home.I get there heat pump, with (1)blower so I thought start tracing wire see that there are (2) blowers.
    But how do you get to the bottom blower,coil in front,compressor in middle with control panel and blower on top.

    No access from rear, so un-wire line voltage, low voltage , 14" flex from top of unit and pull it out of space remove side panels,Ahh another blower hot ,smells really bad 6.5@mps,1/2 hp 1075. well don't have one with me, so go to parts house and no 1/2 hp multi-speed.After 2 parts houses and alot of looking found one that will fit.

    Will return (am) and put this monster back together again. Done alot of Geo-Thermal and heat pumps never seen one like this before. Air Temp control on door ...

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    Have fun.
    Karst means cave. So, I search for caves.

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