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    Our installers all carry insulation, poly, and drywall. If its not done when we get there we do it ourselves and bill the builder.

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    I have the same problem mikey05 with the new house and cold air coming in through the fireplace, most notably the lower grate. I see the solution you were seeking wasn't found here so maybe my request will lend support to someone suggesting the best way of stopping the draft when then unit in NOT IN USE. I too am surprised a damper is not installed in the unit that opens when the unit IS IN USE. I'm frustrated as well since six months out of the year I have a towel or rug shoved up against the lower grill to stop the cold air flow. Of course, when we sparingly use the unit, this is removed; but, I can't feel satisfied with this solution. Have you found a solution yet?

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    Exclamation missed the answer

    Stuke, welcome to the forum but you missed the answers. May not be what you wanted to hear but the advice we gave is correct and proven in thousands of homes.


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    doesnt matter how many times you tell them hearthman they just dont want or know what you are saying about makeup air to the inside of the house.. i agree with you 100%

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