Currently have a fireplace that is a wood burner and has a gas pipe to it. I removed the chimney from roof as well as vent pipe. Fireplace and surrounding wall is still intact and will most likely remain so. the fireplace is installed in the corner of the living room, nothing fancy just a cultured marble surround and sheet rock wall. I will be capping off the gas line as well. I no longer want to burn fuels in the fireplace, no real benefit as far as heat is concerned. The reason is the chimney has been a source of leaks in an area of the attic that has no access. I live in Pasadena Texas and really the fireplace is more for show than use. I would like to install an electric insert to keep the appeal of a fire place but would not have any love loss if I determine to remove the fireplace all together and make use of the extra space in the living room. Even thinking of doing that and getting an electric fireplace/ mantle combo and setting it up in the room in a different location. So what is the opinion of the electric fireplace inserts and what is a good brand?