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    What does anyone know about the piston changeout kit KHAPX0201CPA that is called for when matching a 38YDB036 with an FE/005 fan coil? The 38YDB036 comes with a #46 piston and the kit says to change it to a #52 piston. I only stumbled on this while reading some of the installation lit. My contractor (who is very good in my opinion) had not heard of it and when he contacted the distributor they knew nothing of it either and had to order the kit from the factory. If this is important why does it not come with the unit?

    In high heat mode what is the expected coil temp compared to ambient?


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    Odds are, an error was made when ARI capacity ratings were made and they found it didnt make the rating. The piston kit was the fix.

    It doesnt sound like a critical fix, just a rating issue.

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