I'm a non-expert looking for feedback from HVAC specialists. I'm in the processes of replacing a worn out Preway prefab wood burning fireplace. I'm working with a fireplace shop for purchase and install. After several months of looking around I'm leaning towards a Wilkening Magna-Fyre ZC wood buring fireplace to completely replace the old one. My one hold up is I can't find many reviews on Wilkening fireplaces. Any thoughts?

A little background, the fireplace will be in the basement of a split-level home that has negative pressure issues (fireplace shop believes they can remedy this as well during installation). As such, I'm looking for a unit that will be air tight to downdrafts, will not compete with the furnace for inside air, and put out a reasonable amount of heat when burning (1000-1500 sqft in Minnesota).

Thanks for your input!!