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    Chimney Selection


    I'm getting a new wood burning fireplace installed, and I'm looking for feedback on chimney selection. I apologize if this discussion has already occurred on this site, however, I couldn't find one.

    My two options, available through the fireplace shop I'm working with, are:

    1. Duravent with a galvanized outerwall and stainless steel inner wall


    2. ICC stainless steel outer and inner wall

    Its my understanding that the ICC is held up as 1 of the industries best, however, its also more expensive. Any comments, thoughts, opinions are welcomed.

    Sorry if I'm short on details, but I'm a novice. I can provide more info. if needed.


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    Any opinions on rooftop dampers?


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    What type of fireplace is this? Masonry of factory built?

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    Factory Built

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    The chimney listed for use with a specific model fireplace is expressed in the listed instructions. If both of these chimneys are listed for use with this fireplace including the anchor plate and how to install then they are both ok. However, note that chimney with a galvanized exterior shell is intended for use inside the house then transition to stainless for the exposed portion. Duratech has the same interchangeable chimney available with both outer casings.

    What make and model fireplace?


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