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    Wilkening Fireplace


    I'm a non-expert looking for feedback from HVAC specialists. I'm in the processes of replacing a worn out Preway prefab wood burning fireplace. I'm working with a fireplace shop for purchase and install. After several months of looking around I'm leaning towards a Wilkening Magna-Fyre ZC wood buring fireplace to completely replace the old one. My one hold up is I can't find many reviews on Wilkening fireplaces. Any thoughts?

    A little background, the fireplace will be in the basement of a split-level home that has negative pressure issues (fireplace shop believes they can remedy this as well during installation). As such, I'm looking for a unit that will be air tight to downdrafts, will not compete with the furnace for inside air, and put out a reasonable amount of heat when burning (1000-1500 sqft in Minnesota).

    Thanks for your input!!

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    Cool do your homeowrk

    How specifically does your stove shop plan on mitigating the negative pressure issues?

    First of all, inspite of their printed propaganda, this unit is NOT zero clearance to combustibles. The installation manual is full of warnings to maintain clearances and not to pack spaces with insulation. Misnomer. It may be a 'close clearance' but not zero.

    The instructions specifically deny any responsibility for smoke spillage issues.

    They still list the old tax credit on their website even though it expired.

    You need to get a LOT more specifics from this company on exactly how they plan on installing it, how they plan on dealing with the negative pressure, do the conduct pressure testing to prove their installation works and what guarantees?

    I recommend you check out competing brands such as the Quadrafire 7100i/ Heatilator Constitution/ Heat&Glo North Star. The Security BIS is another good one.

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    Thanks for your feedback!!

    I checked into those brands with other dealers, and I'm close to making a decision. This site, and the feedback provided have been very helpful!!!


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