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    Come now folks. I would never put someones life in danger by leaving safeties out of a furnace control system.The switches were "gone around" to check temporarily the operation of the module. Tell me you haven't done it.The wiring diagram was unreadable but when one was obtained proper wiring was restored to the system and bingo success!Seems cousin Dennis rewired it.By the way the ignitor is removed from the circuit when flame is proved.

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    in thirty year i have never had to bypass a safty or limit
    this is why i have a meter
    test the circut and find the problem not just jump shit out in the hopes of finding the problem
    with or with out a scamatic if you understand the operation of a furnace and low and high voltage circuts then trouble shooting isnt that difficult. scamatic does makes it easer if you van read it

    if there is a serous problem and you jump out the safty even you have no protection from the problem and may get baddly burnt or injured

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    Yeah we've done it, when we didnt know any better. The problem is that if the wiring diagram is gone, and you really need one to look at the circuits, then changing wires around sets you up for not remembering how it's supposed to be when your done monkeying with it.

    I agree with Tin.... A meter is much more valuable when its turned on and used than when its left in the box.

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    Well yea, I've bypassed a roll out that was burnt up, to confirm I had everything else back in order.
    Then I removed my jumper,(and left it inoperable) and when the new roll out came in, I installed it and turned their heat back on.

    NEVER EVER let it run without all its safeties for more then a test.

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