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    trane sfhfc50 intelipac

    Got thrown into this one.
    the building controls we stripped out of the inside along with the vav system.
    a new non compatible vav system was installed.
    need to know what controller to stick in that will best suit this situation,
    so i can bring this 50 ton back on line. Tried local dealer but not getting much help.
    If it had the old tracer vav system, will the intelipak require reprogramming
    at the human interface board?
    I was looking at using a remote panel with a return air sensor
    Any help greatly appreciated

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    Not a problem,Intellipacs have a supply and return air temp sensor built into them, static sensor too. Remove all the wiring from the building connection terminal boards except your remote start/stop and emergency stop. Next WITH THE POWER OFF pull the 24v powersupply plug off the Bas board,(leave the board there, you may need it later),if the machine dont see it it ain't there. It should be in local control, make sure of this by scrolling through setup and machine control is LOCAL. Physicaly measure all the pressures and temps and your static pressure against what the interface will tell you by scrolling through status,sensors are notorious for going bad. You have a stand alone machine. Don't be afraid to change setpoints and settings, any thing that can be really screwed up requires a password and a service manager, want some help?
    Damn phosgene

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    The remote start stop and emergency start stop are not hooked up to the panel either, will these need to be added?
    Basicaly no remote controls are hooked up the wires are cut and hagging inside of tb box
    do I need some help? hell yea!!!
    have been around alot of equipment, but first trip around this machine.
    I always find new equipment a challenge.
    Getting information on control panels and literature is like pulling teeth

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    Where are you located?
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