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    58 mvp, one port sooting ,furnace 5yrs old L.P., can the soot be cleaned out? Anyone have same prob. cause? checked gas pressure, burner,aim all looked good ,vent O.K.,intake O.K.

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    What is the inlet and outlet manifold pressure? What is the model # What size is the venting and how long? How does the secondary HX look? What size are the manifold orifaces?
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    model,58MVP100-14120 series 140Gas Pres. L.F.5.1",H.F.10.4"Inlet 11",gas pipe 1"black pipe 20'or less 2-90s,vent2" disk installed 20'vent pipe 2-90s, orfices 1.25mm only 1 port sooting, burner looks ok ,will try water test on manifold but looks like flame is right in center not impinging on H.S.I.. Have you ever found anything in primary tube? furnace installed 2000This was first service call on furnace customer said he ran out of gas once and LP supplier over filled tank same time last year.Will change primary tube and sec.hx but sure wish I knew why ,first time for this problem ,any other suggestions welcome ,Thanks for your time.I better get the snow shoes out tonite sounds like snow in morning.

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