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    Quote Originally Posted by el_coyote2373 View Post the way where is the overload on it?
    There are several different styles but most of them are internal and embedded in the motor windings.

    I was going to comment on the ole' blast cool reset method but you guys beat me to it. On second thought I can't hold back. As long the EPA isn't watching, the customer isn't watching, your competitors aren't watching, your boss knows about it, you don't mind wasting $8 a pound refrigerant and don't care about your reputation then it's perfectly O.K.
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    I highly doubt your liquid blast is doing more than what water will do. Your liquid will flash before it ever gets to reach much more than a fist sized spot of the compressor while the water will envelop the whole unit removing more heat.

    Thats all I'll say on that subject...
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