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    Air sealing results. Seem OK ?

    2200 sf single level house. 2 occupants, 3 bedrooms.

    Pre CFM50 4028
    Pre VP 175

    Post CFM50 1649
    Post VP 72

    The air sealing contractor has mentioned I might consider installing a Panasonic ventilator that both supplies and exhausts air and balances inside pressure.

    What about keeping a window or door open in lieu of the above. Or a passive vent, thru the wall?

    Thank you

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    That's an awesome result! You should be very excited, your energy costs should go WAY down, particularly if you install properly sized equipment (which is the next challenge because any hvac guy you talk to may tell you bigger is better).

    Below 100% BAS (building airflow standard) he must recommend. You are not required to install.

    If your front lawn needs water will putting a sprinkler out back help it? Opening a window is not controlled ventilation. Under many atmospheric conditions it's not much ventilation at all.

    Proper window operation takes training, an understanding of air leakage, humidity, envelope performance. There may come a time in our energy future that operable windows are outlawed because energy is too dear. Giving most homeowners operable windows is like giving most 10 year old children a loaded gun. It's great you asked the question, it proves this point.

    Those Panasonic fans are very nice, use very little electricity, and may keep your home from getting 'stuffy'. The economic advantage of recovery in your area really pays if it means you can go down a size in your equipment. Otherwise it's just a nicer way to get fresh air.

    You can also put your bath fan on a timer or simply run it when you feel things are stuffy. IAQ is always changing. The only TRUE way to know if IAQ is good or bad is buy a device that monitors IAQ.

    I always recommend an erv. If you don't test air quality, I think it's better safe than sorry. Plus, I feel a strong obligation to educate. If I recommend and they decline the opportunity for conversation was offered, I can't be held accountable when the 4 year old gets asthma or cancer.
    Which makes more sense to you?
    CONSERVATION - turning your thermostat back and being uncomfortable. Maybe saving 5-10%
    ENERGY EFFICIENCY - leaving your thermostat where everyone is comfortable. Saving 30-70%

    What is comfort? Well, it AIN'T just TEMPERATURE!

    Energy Obese? An audit is the next step - go to, or RESNET, and find an auditor near you.

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