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    hold the phone... don't remember the month but trane had a code six or 3 problem on the board and did recommend changing out the board. This should have been all fixed by now though. Yours might have slipped thru the cracks. change out the board and ya should be good ta go.

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    Lot's of good info everyone.

    Thanks for all your replys.

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    airconman, I think you hit on something there.

    Tech came out tonight and swapped out the board. She had the tech bullitens with her and let me read them. Although my furnance date code is actually older than the supposed affected units (how the heck did I get a year and half old unit!?!), the problems fixed by the version 6 software are exactly what my issues are (my original was version 3 software).

    I'm cautiously optimistic that I'm fixed now.

    Everyone here that has helped has my gratitude.

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