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    Help! Please!

    Here's what's happening. My two month old XL90 has several times stopped delivering heat, just blowing cold air for hours on end.

    Checking the error codes shows 6 flashes (AC power or ignighter problem), 5 flashes (flame present when it shouldn't be), and 3 three flashes (venting issue). Reseting the unit with the power switch restores proper function (for a while).

    The installing company has ordered a control board, ignighter and a gas valve. I really have no faith in this, as the technician seemed to be lost - I had to show her how to pull the error codes.

    Since if there is bad luck to be found, it usually finds me, let me ask - could the first code be right and I have an AC power issue? Has anybody ran into this? How do I fix it?

    Thanks, because I truly am stressed out!


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    is the furnace grounded properly? without a good ground it can do some weird things.

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    I agree it's a shame they want to start replacing parts when they dont know the true problem. If they do this, the rest of us have them to thank when prices go up because perfectly fine parts were trashed under warranty. I'm sure they didnt even consider installation practices. Even if one of those is bad, they are still replacing two that arent.

    Good luck with it.

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    I agree with tinner, sounds like a problem with the power supply to the unit.
    The control board may also have failed. A good voltage spike can make them do some wierd things. Some surge protection may be a wise investment.
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    Thank you for the quick repy tinner.

    Unfortunatly, being Joe Homeowner I have no way of telling what proper groung is or how to check it.

    Should there be a seperate ground wire running from the furnace to a cold water pipe? My cable company had to ground their splitters this way due to a signal problem.

    Thanks again,

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    What kind of thermostat do you have?

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    White-Rogers programable. I'm not using the programming features, I have it set to hold 70 degrees.

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    There is a procedure to check for proper ground, if the technician that comes doesn't know how to do it the best thing would be for them to call Trane tech support. They can correctly diagnose your problem and maybe even learn a little in the process.

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    Thanks senior tech (and everyone else who has replied!).

    My gut tells me that the technician wouldn't be able to call Trane. If the installing company were to allow that I don't think they would be replaing all the parts.

    I'm thinking about calling our electric company come out and check the grounding of the entire house.

    The installing company has a 100% satisfaction garantee - that's why I went with them. Very soon soon I think I'm going to telling them to take this thing out and give me a refund (I had other issues than the one stated here).

    Sucks that I'll have to end up going with a 13 seer air conditioner though (I have a 10), here in MI it will pretty much never pay for itself.

    Thanks again everyone,

    If you're a S.E. Michigan contractor, I just filled out the form for a quote. Wish I had known about this place before I bought!!

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    I have seen improper grounds cause the first two faults you mention, but not sure about the vent issue. Your tech should be able to call Trane without any problems because, after all, that is what their tech support lines are for. Your tech should also secure a copy of their gas furnace training/service manual which has lots of info on your furnace and others like it inside. I have been working on Trane stuff for over 15 years and I don't hesitate to call them or refer to my manuals from time to time. That is what I have them for. Good luck with your furnace.


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    I realize they put it in and are ultimately responsable, however if you feel like you are not getting anywhere with the original contractor, you might want to seek out a second opinion.I know the extra price is hard to swallow, but if it doesn't work anyway than it's all wasted money.
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    my guess is

    My guess would be a loose connection . Most the time something doesnt work they blame the equipment and its the install ( new install ) Id check the connections and wire size frome the breaker to the unit . Maybe suggest this to the tech w/o being a pest . Good luck
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    You really need to let your contractor come back out and trouble shoot and repair unit as they deem necessary. It's awful easy to trouble shoot your problems from our collective couches but the truth is unless one of us could put our magic healing hands on your furnace there really isn't any real diagnosis available here. I love factory tech services for help when I'm stuck. Sometimes I do know the answer but get stuck in a loop that they help jar me out of. Could be thats where your tech is, just stuck in a loop. There isn't a HVAC tech ctrl/alt/del buttom to restart us Stick with them. They will sort it out.
    By the way from my living room it looks like a control board being stupid. It's just acting too odd. I bad ground will show up as a no flame situation because there will be no rectification.

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