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Thread: Switching Jobs

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    Switching Jobs

    So, Hi guys. I am an electrician in the Bay Area of California. I am a member of electricians talk and have been for quite some time now. Recently I was made an offer by a friend of mine's boss. We have worked together on some walk in cooler installations.

    He runs the service department of a medium size refrigeration company. He said that he just can't find guys with my attitude. In addition he said that a great refer tech has to also be a great electrician. So in the next month or so I have to do some crash courses in brazing, welding and soldering for any repair I may have to make.

    I have an associates degree in Electrical Construction and Maintenance. In school I took some extra classes in Refrigeration Theory. I used to work (with the friend who's boss is trying to get me the job) doing the refrigeration control work and some DDC controls.

    I am very excited...what do you guys think about my situation and what pointers can you give me?

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    A good thing is going on in this situation. Just follow your senses and trust your judgement that you will do the right thing at the right time, which is exactly how you got to this position to begin with.
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