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    Enviro-Tec HLP 40 FCU

    I have an Enviro-tech fan coil unit that I am trying to figure out the drain pan situation. These units have oversized insulated drain pans that catch the condensate. But from what I can see the bottom of the coils have a sheet metal covering. This cover has condensate drops all over it on the ends where I can see. Is there supposed to be a hole out in the middle of this cover? Of all of the units that I have looked at, I cant see above the large drain pan and under the coils. These installs are so tight I can't get my head up there and can't see anything with a mirror. I am not removing humidity and I think the condensate is getting blown into the air stream.

    Any help appreciated.
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    Hi, Just wondering how you solved this problem? I have the same problem with water getting in the air stream with these units.

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