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    Good tips. Yeah, a career like this, I'd choose to help the guy who knows little but has a lot of curiosity than someone who knows more but with little interest.

    Doing little test questions in the book and this question came up and I cannot find it anywhere, can anyone throw me a bone?

    A good compressor will pull ..... inches of mercury vacuum during a system pump down.

    a. into a closed system with 100 psig head resistance
    b. into the open atmosphere (no head resistance)

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    Jake you didnt mention the Ivy Tech campus's your attending.
    The Ivy Tech sites more up north that I am familar with my 2 cents worth of advice are...make the instructors do their jobs in giving you the education your paying the school for and that you will definetly need. When those instructors come in an hr late or dismiss class and/or leave early themselves call them on the carpet.

    You may also notice in class material that is blown through or not covered at all. Read up on that material and ask questions about it at your next class.
    There are way to many degree holding grad wash outs from that program and IMHO it's not so much the fault of the student going through the program but that program itself.

    I can't count the guys that even little ole me has seen over the yrs that has washed out of the hvac trade or couldn't get passed an interview at a company even holding a degree for the sake of lack of basic skills or knowledge.

    This may hold true for many tech schools but I'll only speak of the Ivy Tech programs Im familar with.

    "The Bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten"

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    Yes there is

    Originally posted by ryan_the_furnace_guy
    He's talking about cycling the condenser fans. Some controls just turn them on and off as needed. So your head pressure stays within a certain range (cut in and cut out). I don't know if there are controls that use a freq drive to slow down the condenser motor. Possible.
    Penn has some fairly decent ones on the market. Be careful to check motor duty rating.

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