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Thread: fixing leak

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    fixing leak

    A buddy of mine stabbed a hole in the evap coil (walls) by defrosting it . What solder should I use to repair this? I told him to throw it away but he wants to keep it because he has a flame paint job on it, lol

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    ClickYou could try this stuff.

    So far I have used it to repair the suction line of a window unit, and evaporator in a refrigerator, and it is holding the liquid line together on my car with no problems. It seems to work fine for me and actually I was really impressed with this stuff. When I did the evaporator and suction line I used aluminum foil. First I sanded down the the surface with 60 grit and smeared a layer of the glue on a piece of foil and wrapped it around the tubing while pulling a vacuum and let it set for a half hour. After nitrogen test and re evacuation I weighed in the charges with Enviro Safe mind you and so far everything is working well. Been about 8 months or so on the window unit, about 2 months for the refrigerator and just over two weeks on my car.

    Just my

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