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    New guy from Texas

    Hi All,

    My professional background is 36 years experience in the Refining and Petrochemical field maintaining process instrumentation and analytical products (Flow, Temperature, Pressure, Compositional) with a degree in Instrumentation.

    Like many of you, Im also the family repair guy (auto, carpenter, plumber, electrician) but so far have managed to avoid the additional title of HVAC repair Technician, as I have a good friend in the business and rely on him for maintenance and repair.

    More recently, one of my kids has purchased a property out of my friends service area and Im not certain that the A/C is working correctly. I didnt see any Pro Members in the area (San Antonio) and would like to start a post seeking feedback and advice. I have had a local company check out the unit and can submit their findings as well. Im not interested in trying to repair the problems myself (if there are any) given the property is a condo, third floor, and condenser is mounted on the roof. Just curious about current performance and options for improvement.

    And even though I am not in the profession, I would like to apply for Pro Membership at the appropriate time.


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    Welcome here!

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    My career has been software engineering for 35 years, but my wife's dad is a long time hvac guy so its a good topic for conversation when we visit them. I've also helped him a few times when he's needed it. I find the theory very interesting and I'm preparing to take the epa universal test soon.

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