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    summit collapse!

    I should mention that I am new to controls and would appreciate any help. At our facility, we are using tracer summit v17 for 3 sites. Yesterday upon logging in, all nodes in the navigation tree were down (object or htm file not found) upon checking the computer for missing files, we found all files on the computer. The BCU board has no errors, seems to be communicating with the units fine. After restoring, no changes. One of our sites came back after reentering the IP and doing a comm5 search. When we try this for the other sites, the screen is greyed out and won't allow this. I have a reoccuring message when I log into tracer (Winsock Error: Connection reset by peer. Error when trying to read inbound data) We have 3 computers that are capable of remote desktop, wasn't sure if it had to do with booting someone, but usually it just says you've been logged off. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have no idea what we could have done to have caused this, it now seems like a giant cluster****, also having trouble attaching layout graphics to the nodes, however some individual graphics are available. Where would be the best place to start.......?

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    I usually get that winsock error when there are duplicate ip addresses.

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    Sounds like its time to wipe and reload from scratch and then you hopefully have recent backups. Maybe Qtip or one of the other guys will have some better advice but it seems to me the base program has become corrupted, I don't think its your site db's. If it were mine I would completely wipe, install Summit and reload from reliable back ups or suck up each site individually and re-punch. I would also be real careful about connecting to sites with a corrupted database..
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