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I can relate to your story, I probably have more time into getting and straightening out bids than the contractor will spend putting the equipment in. I really don't think that I'm being picky at all. When they put something in the bid, or leave it out, I want to get it clarified. I don't ask for it in writing unless I'm ready to sign. Three of the Four bids I've received included 4 different "scenarios", all included upgrades that I wasn't interested in, i.e. steam humidifiers, electronic air filters, etc... I have never questioned their prices, it just seems like they have no interest in making money.
While I see where you are coming from with being a homeowner and having things added that you don't want or think you want! From a salesman format, I go into every home with a clear head meaning I am going in to talk to the customer and find out what they are trying to get out of a new system and what problems they have with there current system in which have been problems for a long time for them weather it be comfort, high electric bills, etc...

I look at it this way, I am there to help a customer make a decision not make it for them. There are many people who don't have a clue what they want or the advantages to having a better system installed then a basic one. I to have spent alot of time bidding jobs where the Person wants 3-5 options and then go with the cheapest price. Know I have spent that time preparing those estimates working up the way they ask only to loss the job. Time not well spent. So years ago I started doing flat rate costing which helped out alot. When I am at your home you will get all the prices from me that day, I want go back a figure the price then call you unless not a average job.

Customers have responded very well to this as they see where I am getting my prices from and realize (most) that if he installs let's say a (3) ton system in my home then does my friends house with the same system cost will be the same. Customers are not loyal anymore and I don't blame them in some cases. I guess my point in this long thread would be this as a homeowner we understand you want a few options and we want to provide you with those but make sure the next guy is going to do the same thing. Apples to apples not apples to oranges. It is that simply!