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    sanyo mini split multi zone

    hey all ..
    i have a service call tomorrow on a sanyo multi zone mini split 410a.
    i have worked on many mini splits.. i have installed only one that was multi zone .. years ago ..

    as well all know .. most of these that are installed almost always have leaks..
    (flaring is an art not a hobby)
    customer says everything is running .. but no cool air..
    model# for condenser - cm3172

    does anyone have any tech manuals or trouble shooting manuals for mutizones .. testing/charts/theory of operation .. other than what i can pull off product specific websites?

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    Should have 0-5 superheat and 30 degree delta t (I think 30, maybe 35)

    The only way to verify charge is to weigh it in and recover. Other than that, have tech support # handy. They call back within the hour. Probly a leak.

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    What's wrong with the 100+ page tech manual available by Google search?

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