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    JCI Jace and Zigby point discover

    Installing a large number of PVC's using the router and coordinator. My problem is my JACE can see the coordinator but not the points hanging on it.

    Any ideas??

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    Check dip switches. All addressing and communication is set by the switches. Have you tried the BTCVT? There are flashes of the leds to indicate communication status. Once the Coms are working the addressing from the jace are the same as wired. Maybe test you Jace communication by temporarily moving one to the wired bus, but if you can see the coordinator I think you should be OK on the wire.

    I assume you have stepped through the documentation.


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    We checked that, we can see the points from the BTCT when connected to the coordinator, we are thinking our Jace Firmware is not the same as the PCV's and coordinator???

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