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    We're interested in replacing our existing 14 year old, 4 ton heat pump and we have a couple of questions. We live in No. Virginia, in a single family home that is 1.5 stories with skylights and several sliding glass doors.

    1. Should we have heat/loss measurements made on the house to determine if the unit is properly sized?

    2. Which Carrier would be better, the Infinity 17 or the Performance 13? We have quotes for both. I understand that the Performance has a scroll compressor vs the two speed in the Infinity. Which might work better for our area of the country?


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    Sould have been done, the heat loss/gain is needed to insure proper sizing. The contractor should have checked the ductwork to insure proper airflow.
    the Infinity 17 is a "comfort System".
    the Performance 13 is a "HVAC System".

    If your planning on living there for a while, over 5 years, and want to improve your Comfort level, reduce your energy bill's and didn't get Sticker shock for the infinity price. get a couple of quotes from other carrie dealers or Bryant dealers and compare how they do the estimate. Should be some measuring and figuring going on before before they start adding up the price. May even ask personal questions like "are any of the rooms that get hotter or colder than others in the home". do you have to run ceiling fan to feel comfortable.

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    1.Load calc is needed unless they know one was done the first time and no changes to the homes"envelope" have been made,windows,insulation,etc..

    2.Ifinity is worth the extra for your indoor comfort,IMHO.

    15 year life X 365 days=5475 days ,divided the extra cost by the days.What's Your Comfort worth to You??

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    First off, get the Infinity air handler and Infinity control either way. It's great stuff. The only question is which outdoor unit to get.

    If some of the quotes included simpler air handlers, thermostats, etc., for the Performance 13, those prices will go up once you start comparing apples to apples on the indoor equipment.

    As for which outdoor unit to choose, the Infinity two speed unit will add a bit, with steadier output and a little better humidity control. The single speed unit with Infinity indoor equipment is still excellent, though. By the way, in four ton size there is almost no difference in efficiency between the two outdoor units (the Infinity outdoor unit is 0.5 SEER and 0.1-0.3 HSPF better).

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    Do yourself a huge favor and go with the infinity series.
    The performance series is just your average heat pump.
    The Inifinity Series is a totally different animal. Well worth in the investment.

    I hear alot of talk about heat load calcs and until now I havent made any comments. I do my own heat load calculatons (Manual J) on my computer, I have a very good program (HVAC-CALC). I will say do a heat load PROPERLY is alot of work and takes alot of time. Whenever I hear "did you get a heat calc" or something along those lines I cant help but wonder how are these guys doing all these heat loads or a better question are they doing them properly? What is the difference between just winging it with a rule of thumb meathod and doing a half assed heat load? I took this carrier class and this guy was teaching us how to use the comfort builder software which is made by writesoft. I personally like my HVAC-CALC much better but anyway this guy took us step by step through the sales call doing this heat load at the speed of light. Now I am wondering how many people are that good with this program where they are doing it on the fly like this and if so are you cutting corners to make up time, like not measuring all of windows for example. I personally have to go home and it takes me a good 30 minutes on my computer because I figure what the hell is the customer going to do for 30 minutes right? I think it would be awkward. I would like to hear some who does their heat loads at the customers house? How long does it take? Do you cut corners? What program do you use? Just curious, I dont want to hi-jack this thread!

    Dave in NJ

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