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    trane rtac issues

    hey guys, continuing problem with my chiller i'm now using a laptop with a 9 pin outlet ,some issues are better however when i go to binding view ,select yes and chiller goes into local stop. I still dont have a screen faces or reassign,unbind,bind. on the pdf "screwit sent me " of a binding view example page, it has at the top "build view with all devices connected and powered before sequencing and binding. How do you do that. thanks socorrobob

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    Re load your techview software and try a different serial cable .
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    Socorrobob, you should have continued on your old thread about this issue instead of starting a new one. You'll get better responses that way. Its way too confusing jumping across all your threads trying to figure out what your talking about.

    As Graham said, reload TechView and try different cable.

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