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Thread: No cold air

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    No cold air

    Recently my a/c unit has not been working properly. During the cooler parts of the day it seems to work decently (though I don't think it is blowing as cold as it should) but in hotter parts of the day it will only blow out air that is the same temp as inside the house. When this happens, I go outside and the pipe that should be cold and have condensation on it (I think it goes to the compressor but not sure) is warm. The unit is running and blowing air, but the air is not cold. When this happens I turn the thermostat off, pull the fuse out of the a/c unit and turn the breaker off to the unit. I wait a couple of minutes and turn everything back on and the pipe that was warm almost instantly gets colder and the air starts coming out colder. Even when the air is running decently, I'm not sure it is as cold as it should be, but it will keep our house at 78 degrees when it is 105 degrees outside. Though to keep it at 78, it has to run constantly throughout the day. We just got our electric bill and it was about $150 more than it was for the same period last year, so I know it is running too much.

    Any help as to what may be the issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    First off...please don't pull any fuses or disconnects out. You could get hurt or killed...seriously.

    Next, you should get a qualified HVAC company out ASAP to check everything for you.

    As for the temps of 78 inside with 105 outside, depending on your home, the system may just be maxed out due to the outside temperatures. However, a good HVAC tech will check everything for you, figure out the issue and get you back up and running.
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