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    This is my first high eff. furnace the unit seems to be very noisy(air flow)in the rooms near the furnace. The other thing the furnace seems to go on and off more frequently than my old furnace is that normal?

    Luxaire Model# GM9S080B12UP11A


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    call the installing company and have them came out and solve all you cancerns.

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    90s need to move more air than old clunkers so may not be much can be done about air noise. It could be oversized which can't be corrected other than removal.

    Cycling has to do with sizing & the thermostat. Oversized units cycle rapidly which isn't efficient. Most stats can be "told" to cycle less which means more of a spread between on & off temps. More efficient unless uncomfortable.

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    Unit may be cycling on the limit since the new unit was installed on old ductwork. Odds are, judging from the model that price was the major factor in the selection.

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    Angry My new Luxaire is way too loud

    Just got a new Luxaire installed, in my 33 yearold house sounds like a airplane when running need to crank the TV volume up. Even the fan operation without the heat is loud. Wakes me up at night, the installer is reluctant to come back.

    As I read the intallation manual it apears the blower has a hi/low heat operation and states that it is set at hi in the factory could this be a quick fix if I get the installer back? Would welcome any suggestions up here in Canada!

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    The new system is probably moving more air and is noisier than your old system. The fan speed should be able to be lowered unless its already on the lowest speed. But doubt it will ever be as quite as the old system. I have installed new systems and have had this complaint from customers. Have the installers change fan to lowest speed and go from there. Maybe you could muffle the sound by placing some home interior items in front of the return vents, not too close, to restrict airflow, but to absorb some of the sound. Hope this helps.
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