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    dumb coil question

    are all coils created equally? What I mean is, given any system that is correctly installed and charged, do all coils hit the same temp or are there different coils?

    Thanks and dont laugh to hard!

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    They are as different as the tires you might buy for your car. The best coil choice is one that is matched and rated by ARI to work together with your outdoor cooling unit called a condensing unit. I prefer an all aluminum coil as they are less likely to develope corrosion leaks as they age.
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    The temp of the evap coil varies with what efficiency outdoor unit its connected to, along with the air flow through it, and by its own sq ft of surface area. 2 different models of a 3 ton coil from the same manufacturer, may have a different sq ft of surface. So in the same application, they will have different temps.
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    Thanks guys.

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