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    New Guy from Ohio!

    Hello all,

    I am a Student at ETI Technical College for HVAC. I have about five weeks until graduation and have maintained a 4.0 grade average thus far. I really enjoy learning new things and so far what I have seen of this business is one will always be learning something new. I have been lurking around here for some time and I find this site as well as some others very helpful and I decided to join. I don't have a job in the field as of now but I have been helping some of my teachers outside of school doing residential and commercial service and installs so I have a little field experience to go with the classroom academics.

    I look forward to developing my skills and hope to be of value in the field and here in this community.

    P.S. My certifications so far include EPA 609 and R-410a safety. I won't get my EPA 608 Universal until I graduate and then I will either take the ICE or NATE, maybe both it kind of depends on what I can afford when the time comes lol.

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    WELCOME fellow Buckeye

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    Western PA

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    In a boiler room
    Welcome and good luck!

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    From a fellow new guy Welcome

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