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    Rheem GRTM with 2 stage cooling

    I cannot seem to get a straight answer on using this 95% 2 stage heat furnace with an RARL 2 stage condenser. My question is whether this furnace will properly adjust the air flow when the compressor is operating in stage 1?

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    Did you

    read the installation manual?

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    Yes with the right control
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    I did. Rheem didn't.

    Of course.
    The problem is that apparently Rheem didn't read it when they wrote it. It contradicts itself in at least two places regarding 2 stage cooling, and the schematic and wiring diagram do not reflect what is actually in the unit. Furthermore, the physical dimensions of the unit differ significantly from what is stated in the Installation Manual. And yes, before you ask, I did confirm that the Installation Manual does purport to be the correct one for the unit. All in all a pitiful job of manual writing on the part of Rheem. Fortunately, since I am an electrical engineer, I was able to painstakingly go through the circuits and determine the answer to my question and properly configure it for 2 stage cooling.

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    Twilly says the airflow will adjust.
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