Cooking diced onions, sliced jalapeños, ground venison, homemade pork sausage((made by kinfolks of mine in KY) mixed 3 parts deer 1 part pork), diced home grown tomatoes (by yours truly) and a couple of chopped pepperoncinis.

They are simmering nicely right now, augmented with a proprietary spice blend, and when they all reach that state of perfection called ready, I will add some refried beans(from a can unfortunately as I have no left over pinto beans).

I will heat the beans and hen it reaches the "right" temp, I will add some soft, melting Mexican cheese, called queso blanco, and a handful of shredded Mexican cheese blends to top it off.

Pull out the tortillas, spread a little sour cream, add lettuce and then add bean and meat mix, roll and serve.