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    Question Carrier Professional Technicians

    I am going to install a heat pump to replace electric baseboard heat and window air conditioners. I really want to go with the Carrier 25VNA036 "Greenspeed" system. I have read some posts that suggest to not go with a brand new system the first year introduced. While at the dealers offices, I also spoke with a Carrier Factory Rep, and he stated that the technology of this unit was not new, and Carrier has tested this unit for some time. I am new to heat pumps, so my question is " Based upon your past workings with Carrier, how well/how fast do they respond to fixing "bugs/deficiencies" in the "new" systems. Your response is appreciated.

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    It's a good system and it seems to have been tested extensively. It may get some extra attention from having the best crews install them etc. It is harder to service in some ways. For many repairs they suggest removing the outdoor coil which is costly after the warranty expires. Which also lets them keep the size of the unit smaller though. I would expect it to get prompt and extra attention. The only thing really new is the compressor design I believe. And it has been used in other style units extensively.
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