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    apartment help

    i work in a large apartment complex, app. 10 years old, using goodman r-22 heat pumps that have never been pm'd. we have many issues, obviously, but one of the main complaints we get is in the 2 and 3 bedroom units where the living room, dining room and kitchen are cold, but the bedrooms are not. the air handlers are located in a closet in the kitchen and the thermostat is located right under the main living room/dining room vents. other than advising residents to adjust their vents- which is what we've done here from the beginning- is there any way to really fix this?

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    sometimes not much you can do with a poor design. generally speaking apartments have a crappy duct system installed by the cheapest of the cheap, if the duct work is accessable you can get some dampers and install them in the start callers

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    Using Opposed Blade Dampers on your Supply Air Grilles will allow you to adjust air pressures(blowing air out of grilles) to the areas that do not have enough. You will have to change all grilles to the O.B.D. type to acheive an adequate air balance.

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