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    Carrier Replacement Parts

    I am servicing some Carrier PTAC 52S series Heat Pump units. The units were manufactured 18 years ago. I know that I will have to replace some parts. Unfortunately, Carrier stop making parts for the 52S series. Do you know of replacement parts for Carrier PTAC 52S units.


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    Well..... at some point you might want to put those relics out to pasture

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    hvac1232. You have already figured out that parts are going to be scarce. Outside of finding a company that had a reason to stock up and did, availability will be hit and miss, plus, if they stocked up they had a reason so getting them to turn loose is not likely. Alternative parts outside OEM are always possible. Best bet is to get your post count up and apply for pro status, you won't get much more than generic advice in the open forums but detailed info would be likely in the locked areas.
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