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    Small water leak from air handler


    I have a relatively new Rheem air handler (RHKL-HM4821 11 months old). Beginning in early August, it started to leak a small amount of water (about 1 tablespoon of water a day). The leak only occurs in the evening and is dry by the morning.

    The leak initially came from two sources. One was from the vapor line, which had tears in the insulation where the plastic binders cut into the insulation. The second was from inside the air handler at the seam where the metal sections of the air handler meet just below the vapor line.

    On Friday, the installation company came out and put tape around the insulation and around the seams of the air handler. This did stop the leak that came directly from the insulation tears. However, it is still leaking from the bottom of the air handler where the metal sections of the cabinet meet below the vapor link (again only about a tablespoon of water in the evening and is dry by morning).

    The installation company tech said that there was a small clog in the drain line, which he said he fixed. However, the leak is the exact same amount it was before he cleared the drain line.

    The air handler is located in an unconditioned garage, so is it possible that the leak is arising due to sweating?

    Is this small leak normal when the heat index is regularly above 105 in the afternoon? Or is this something abnormal that needs to be fixed?

    Thanks in advance for the suggestions.

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    You're not giving us much to go on. In the garage, or above the garage?
    Is the coil on the negative or positive pressure side?
    If negative, there should be a trap in the drain. If positive, there should be an air-gap in the drain.
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    Try sealing the base around the air handler with caulking if the air handler is sitting vertically on a return air stand. The air handler may be sucking in raw(untreated) air around the air handler base and is mixing with cold metal in the air handler. Air handlers in garages or attics can be nortorious for sweating if not fully sealed. It's a dew point thing.

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    if unit is in a unconditioned garage, it's possible that could be causing the slight sweating / leak on unit. you can always try wrapping the a/h with duct wrap if thats the problem, unconditioned garage area,

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