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    I am looking to replace and existing return air grille. It measures 32W x 16H. I have checked all the usual home stores and cannot find one of this size. Internet search produced nothing. Accord makes nice grills but not this size? Help...

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    does this grille take a filter? if so is the filter 32x16?

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    find it here ,then oder it from your contrctor,they make custom sizes but the price goes up.If it doesn't have a filter ,you can often use a larger size,to save special order charges .

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    Depending on your tastes you could frame the opening with some nice trim and install a common size grille.
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    Is the grill 32x16, or is the opening 32x16?
    Grills are listed by the size opening it covers.
    If the grill grill is 32x16 to the outside edges, it is likely for an opening that is around 30x14, so you need a 30x14 grill.
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