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Thread: Biasi Boilers

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    Hmm After careful consideration ...


    "I plan to install it myself"
    Designer Dan
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    Wow, Thanks for the replies. I can see the logic there. I wasn't aware that if I bought online I wouldn't be covered by a warranty.

    !!!And BTW We ALWAYS intended to have someone REPUTABLE install the boiler, but we wanted more freedom in choosing what boiler they installed. Everyone offered the same choices almost without fail. I understand that USA makes good boilers but I was interested in European boilers also because need sometimes necessitates ingenuity. Although for the most part they don't even use the same fuel we do, but those who do, pay much more so I expected their technology to be that much better. Hence the question are these boilers that much better or not.

    So the sense that I am getting here is that your boiler efficiency is only as good as the people you have working on them, which makes sense. If there are any other boilers you would recommend I am all ears. I still like the 3 pass idea so any of those would be great. I am a little weary of the Ultra only since it is a brand new product and thst makes me nervous.


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    What kind of radiantion are you using? The Crown Freeport has been around for a few years. Now owned by Burnham, but the castings of the boiler were European I believe.

    The Burnham MPO (other then the Ultra) came out early this past summer. All American made.

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    Sorry, I'm not sure I understand your question.

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    Coper fin tube baseboard. large cast iron radiators?
    If you have a converted gravity system (large 2" supply/return mains with large cast iron rads) you might want to go with a higher mass boiler then the ones with only 3-6 gal of water to help prevent condensation forming in the boiler.

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    Biasi Boiler

    What a load some of you guys in the business are putting up here to mislead people.
    1. We are all going to buy items on the internet.
    2. Most of you charge at least 80 t0 150 per hour portal to portal. (Know any School teachers making that?
    3. You add on charges to cya with parts that you replace under warranty. at full retail.
    4. Most of the HVAC people I have had in my house charge me a fee to understand the system
    5. It isn't brain surgery.... it is a boiler.
    6. You charge after the one year warranty or 3 year or whatever is up anyway. Most boilers (cast iron) have a fifty year life cycle.
    7. If the only way you can make a living in HVAC is by ripping off people, learn a computer trade instead.

    To the guy interested in the Biasis 10: Buy it, call a plumber and have him hook it up. Otherwise stick to "heat pumps" or forced air. Owning a boiler requires learning what to do when something goes wrong.

    I had a local HVAC guy who told me it would cost 18 grand to replace my boiler because it was going bad. I called a friend of mine who said we dont even need to replace the burners, just knock the rust off. And DO NOT freak with rust aroound the boiler... water plus cast iron = rust

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    biasi has a non-prorated limited lifetime warr. everyone else is pro-rated. i sell them if you need info.

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