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    Second question: The house is generally quite humid. Since the tech told me everything checks out regarding both units' operation, could the humidity simply be a result of this being an older house? I can think of several contributing factors:
    -the windows are original (wood)
    -some of the exterior doors don't seal very well
    -the blown insulation in the attic is covering up the soffet vents (I need to rake the stuff back to uncover them)
    -I live in a humid climate (northern Virginia)

    The house I came from is in the same general area but was a recent construction. I never measured the indoor humidity there but it was comfortably dry. In the house I'm in now it's upwards of 70-75% according to the humidistat on the little dehumidifier I bought from the hardware store.

    Are there any simple steps I can take to improving my system's dehumidification, or do I just need to deal with it until I can afford to replace windows and doors? Should I consider retrofitting dehumidifiers to the air handlers themselves (big expense)?
    Hopefully, the little dehumidifier's humidistat is not accurate; 70 to 75 is a very high humidity level.

    The A/C systems appear to be oversized as runtimes are too short.
    In a humid climate it needs long runtime cycles.
    Get a room t-stat with a temp differential setting.
    [PDF] E G O User's Manual
    The Robertshaw 9400 is a single-stage thermostat designed to control ... Adjustable temperature differential: .5°F to 3.0°F (0.5°C to 1.5°C) .... The display will return to the current room temperature after a few seconds. Item 9555 .... Indoor fan connection. Yes. Energizes with Y & W terminals or with FAN ... non-programmable...
    Just an example; there may be better differential room t-stats...

    Slowing the blowers down to 350-cfm per ton of cooling should help some.

    Also, may be too high an air infiltration rate; try to getting it down to 0.375-ACH - air changes per hour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stebs View Post
    Just out of curiousity, when you turn the 60 amp breaker off, does the unit still function?
    No. With the 60 amp breaker off the unit doesn't function.

    In the interim I've simply set the systems to a cooler temp throughout the day. The systems run more often now and it feels slightly less humid in the house than it did before.

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