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    HVAC for a condo

    I just bought a 1380 sq ft condo in central florida. It is on the third of 18 floors. must purchase a new HVAC (the current one is 21 years old). My agent got 3 bids for me and I don't know the first thing about this and I'm needing some good advise. All three said the existing duct work was fine. I want to know which brand YOU would want if you had your choice. We plan to live in this condo full time and want a really good HVAC with all the bells and whistles a small condo might need.

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    alot more info. Split system? Through-the-wall? Air handler in closet? Etc.

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    In your naivete, you've not supplied us with any useful information. You state that you own the condo but someone else has obtained the quotes? I don't particularly like the smell of that, though it may be perfectly innocent.

    I've attached 3 documents that can help you become, in a matter of minutes, a much more educated shopper. I strongly suggest you follow the plan and if so, the results will be good.
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    air handler in laundry room closet, other "part" on the roof of the building. In the 3 bids, two mentioned heat pumps with auxiliary heat strips(7.5kw)

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    thank you Skippedover! you are so right in your assessment of me! We currently live out of state and the sellers of the condo were out of state as well. After the home inspection, when it was obvious that the hvac was on its last leg, the 2 real estate agents got the bids for both the seller and us to facilitate the negotiations for the replacement. We decided to accept a lower sales price so that we could pick out the HVAC and installing company ourselves. I want to be as informed as possible before I actually get my on bids.

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    Skippedover, i'm not being allowed access to the documents...

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    The air handler is 15 floors above the condo?

    We worked on a new condo complex downtown, heat pumps were on the roof of the 10th floor. Tech said they all had big charge compensators outside of the unit on the lineset. This air handler was on the 4th floor so only 6 floors apart.

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